BOSTON: A One-Night-Only Filipino Feast At B3 Restaurant On Sept 18

For one night only, Berklee College of Music partner restaurant B3's executive chefexecutive chef Jeffrey Salazar, will be cooking up a spectrum of Filipino dishes—a tribute to his Philippine heritage—where guests are invited to feast together family-style, in partnership with Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu

Hi Boston!!! It’s such an honor for my events platform Cross Cultures to be collaborating with the prestigious Berklee College of Music’s partner restaurant B3 this September 18 (Tuesday). B3 normally serves American South cuisine but for this special evening (US$65 per head), executive chef Jeffrey Salazar, will be cooking up a spectrum of Filipino dishes—a tribute to his Philippine heritage—where guests are invited to feast together family-style. This is in line with our thrust at Cross Cultures to promote the exchange of cultures through food, in order to build a more global community. The evening will be accompanied by live music from Berklee College of Music.

B3 FilipinoPopup_0918_final

Chef Jeffrey Salazar began his culinary career in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to New York City in 2013, working at a string of established restaurants including the Caribbean-inspired Cove Lounge in Harlem as Executive Chef as well as under Chef Bobby Flay at GATO Restaurant and Bar Americain. At B3, he spearheads a Southern-influenced menu that showcases the rich food culture of New England, where produce and fresh seafood are sourced from local farmers and fishermen. Embracing his Filipino heritage, Chef Salazar was inspired from a young age by his hardworking mother, originally from Navotas City, located north of Manila that is known as the fishing capital of the Philippines.

B3 Restaurant in Boston
B3 Restaurant in Boston

Here’s the menu:


Green Mango with Shrimp Paste

Green Mango on a stick with Shrimp Paste

Adobong Mani

Peanuts Sautéed with Crispy Garlic and Thai Chili’s

Street Food Tasting

Spicy Sisig

Pork Head Bits, Aromatics, Chili’s, and Raw Egg on Sizzling Platter


Sweet Potato and Carrot Fritters with Shrimp and Chili Vinegar Sauce


Main Dishes

My Mother’s Sweet and Sour Fish

Crispy Fried Tilapia with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Smoked Ribs with Adobo Sauce – 3 Pieces

Filipino Spices Dry Rub, Smoked for 6 Hours, Adobo Sauce

Fried Chicken with Gravy

Fried ¼ Chicken with Brown Chicken Gravy and Banana Ketchup


Jackfruit Cornbread

Southern Style Cornbread with Jackfruit

Carolina Steamed Rice with Crispy Garlic and Achuete Chicken Oil

Steamed Carolina Gold Rice with Crispy Garlic Flakes and Achuete and Chicken Oil Blend

Vegetable Chop Suey

Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bell Peppers, Baby Corn, with Quail Eggs in Light Oyster Sauce Based Sauce



Sweetened Banana and Jackfruit wrapped in Spring Roll Wrapper and Fried until Golden Brown

Leche Flan

Creamy Egg Custard with Light Caramel Syrup

Buko Salad

Filipino Style Fruit Salad with Coconut, Fruit Cocktail, Grapes, and Apples in Condensed Milk and Heavy Cream Sauce


For reservations, please phone the restaurant at +1 (617) 997 0211. Our Mango Tree Filipino pop-up runs from 6PM onwards on Sept. 18. We look forward to seeing and welcoming you! xx

B3 is located at 160 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, USA


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