Girls’ Trip (Bachelorette!) in Melbourne with Scoot Airlines and Tourism Australia

Girls' trip to Melbourne with Victoria Cheng and Xindi Siau. Here we are at the stunning Montalto Winery by the Mornington Peninsula, the only winery with an art/ sculpture tour. They make excellent pinot gris, too, my fave wine this trip!

Because life is full of surprises, I found myself in Melbourne several weeks ago on a girls’ trip with these awesome Singapore influencers, Victoria Cheng and Xindi Siau. It was my first time in Australia, allowing me to tick off my 6th continent (only missing Antartica now!)

In partnership with Publicis Singapore, Scoot Airlines and Tourism Australia, Victoria invited myself and Xindi on a three-night-four-day “Hen’s Trip” (Read: Bachelorette). Xindi had just gotten proposed to recently so it all fell into place.

We did a ton of fun things: 1) ate fresh produce (kale, avocado toast and my fave– HALOUMI everyday) at (my personal favorite) restaurants like Cumulus, Gazi and Taxi, 2) enjoyed a hearty breakfast and excellent Australian coffee at St. Ali, 3) did a dessert degustation at Om Nom at Adelphi Hotel— and broke the swinging bench because of our weight, lol! 4) Enjoyed the hot springs at Mornington Peninsula— before a gorgeous lunch at Montalto Winery, which has an art trail– and also fantastic pinot gris, 5) explored Melbourne’s famous wine country, Yarra Valley.

But apart from all, I really cherished getting to spend time with these wonderful ladies, having girly bonding time over copious amounts of red wine til 3 in the morning (yeah, we prefer staying in to going out!) at our excellently located and spacious apartment-hotel, Mantra on the Park. Special thanks to Samantha Caffin of Tourism Victoria who was our guide and patiently drove us everywhere; and likewise the patient, super polite, respectful and easy to work with crew from Singapore: Ryan from Publicis Singapore, Lawrence and Bernie from the production team.

Here’s the campaign we shot—a 3 minute capture of our 3 days in Australia. And some “behind-the-scenes” photos from our trip. Enjoy!! xx

PS It’s a great itinerary for a very wholesome hen’s night/ trip, so do get ideas! I highly recommend!

Gorgeous breakfast at St. Ali: My Mexican Cousin-- Corn Fritters with Poached Eggs, Grilled Haloumi, Corn & Cucumber Salsa-- which I had with Soy latte. So good.
Gorgeous breakfast at St. Ali: My Mexican Cousin– corn fritters with poached eggs, grilled haloumi, corn & cucumber aalsa– which I had with a very pretty soy latte. So good– and don’t you notice everything in Australia is Instagram-picture-perfect?
Artwork around downtown Melbourne- Far Shot
Check this out.. art on an electric box.. from afar…
Art in Downtown Melbourne- Closeup Shot
… now, zoom in and there’s even more art on it.. too cool!
Montalto Winery, Art Path, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne
Art and wine is the core of Montalto Vineyards and Winery. There are more than 20 permanent sculptures here, and the trail is open daily between 11am – 5pm. They recommend allotting 1 hour to enjoy the whole thing.
Cle de Peau Singapore- Products for Australia
Thank you Cle de Peau Singapore for sending over these gorgeous products to keep our skin fresh and hydrated!
Shooting Indoors- Victoria Cheng, Ryan from Publicis, Bernie- Melbourne
Shooting Victoria’s opening scene at our apartment-hotel..
Victoria Cheng, Xindi Siau, Cheryl Tiu- Gazi Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia
Dinner at Greek restaurant Gazi by celebrity chef and Masterchef Australia judge George Calombaris. I really loved the food here!
Gazi Melbourne, Australia- Souvlakakia- Crumbled Haloumi Cheese, Mint, Coirander, Onion, Chutney, Chips
Assorted Souvlakakia (mini souvlaki) at Gazi: haloumi, chicken, soft-shell crab… mmm served on pita bread and fries, my mouth’s watering already just remembering these! So good!
Shooting at Om Nom Restaurant at Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
Shooting our dessert degustation at Om Nom Restaurant at Adelphi Hotel
Xindi Siau, Cheryl Tiu, Samantha Caffin, Victoria Cheng- Om Nom Dessert Degustation- Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
Haa.. after we sat and broke the hanging bench! (L-R): Xindi, me, our guide Samantha Caffin, and Victoria at Om Nom at Adelphi Hotel
ACDC Lane Melbourne
AC/DC Lane runs south from Flinders Lane between Exhibition Street and Russell Street
Horse Drawn Carriage Around Melbourne, Australia
Yep, so we arrived at a club in a horse-drawn carriage.
Colonial Tram Car Restaurant- Tram Stop 125- Xindi Siau, Cheryl Tiu, Victoria Cheng- Melbourne, Australia
Dinner at the colonial tram car restaurant which went around Melbourne
Xindi Siau, Victoria Cheng, Cheryl Tiu- Colonial Tramcar, Melbourne, Australia
What happens in Melbourne… (may not) stay in Melbourne!!!
Sesame Scorched Oyster, Salt and Vinegar Cracker- Taxi Kitchen, Melbourne, Australia
Our last night’s dinner was at Taxi, which was excellent as well. This was sesame scorched oyster on a salt and vinegar cracker
Publicis Singapore x Scoot Airlines x Tourism Victoria- Ryan, Lawrence, Victoria, Cheryl, Xindi, Samantha, Bernie- Melbourne, Australia
Group photo at Taxi– and what an amazing team! Thank you Ryan, Lawrence, Victoria, Xindi, Samantha and Bernie for an amazing time in Melbourne! <3
Bye, Melbourne! You were stunning! (This is Flinders Street Station-- apparently one of the most photographed landmarks in the city)
Bye, Melbourne! You were stunning! (This is Flinders Street Station– apparently one of the most photographed landmarks in the city)