Lanson Place: Luxury Boutique Hotel in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Lanson Place on 133 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Seriously, what hotel gives you a phone to use throughout your stay?! I was so shocked, happy and grateful when I found out that Lanson Place in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong does!

A bit of a back story: everyone who knows me knows that my  Iphone 4S has been broken for months now– it cannot take pictures— aka, social media suicide!!! I’ve had to lease out an Iphone 5 just to take photos but there is no sim card so I can’t really communicate with the rest of the world. So this divine providence of a handyphone– with unlimited 3G— by my hotel was jackpot for me!  Apart from having a local sim with calls to Hong Kong, China, USA, UK. Australia and Singapore for FREE, it  can be used as a hotspot. I didn’t have to sign up for my Philippine carrier’s data service the entire time I was there.

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Handy Phone
A handyphone with unlimited 3G given for guests to use throughout the duration of their stay at Lanson Place. You can use it to make local calls and even international calls (for free!) to the USA, Singapore, China, UK and Australia, or even as a hotspot for all your functioning cell phones. And of course, in my case, as a camera 😉 You can wipe out all your data upon check out.

Lanson Place is Hong Kong’s first Small Luxury Hotel in the World (just like our very own Discovery Shores in Boracay ;-)).  It has 194 rooms, generously sized from 390 to 1,900 sq. ft. As they cater to alot of long-staying guests who stay up to a month, all rooms have a kitchenette– so you really do feel like you’re “home” away from home. My room in particular (I got a Deluxe room, which ranges from 440 to 500 sq. ft. in size) had a sitting or living room furnished with a long couch, desk table, and TV (my  bedroom had another one), so it really felt like my own place.

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Sitting Room
I loved this part of my room, I spent a lot of time there just lounging. Obviously my bag and laptop case felt right at home already.
Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Sitting Room Desk Area
Really appreciated the solid desk as got to do some work as well– and with a view.
Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Kitchenette
The kitchenette has everything– from a stove to a microwave to glasses, utensils, knives, etc.
Complimentary Basket for All Guests at Lanson Place Causeway Bay Hong Kong
This is the welcome basket that greets each guest.

The bedroom is comfortable and cozy– your own little private nook– and the windows look out to Victoria Park, which is just across the road.

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- View of Victoria Park
My room looked right out at Victoria Park
Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Deluxe Bedroom
One of those beds where you plop onto it and fall into a deep sleep.. doesn’t happen everywhere.

The bathroom is spacious and the doors are frosted, so yes, if you are friends traveling together, it’s not awkward to share, haha!  All bath amenities are from  Gilchrist & Soames.

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Bathroom
I really like the geometric patterns in the bathroom

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Bathroom 2

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Gilchrist & Soames Bath Amenities
Gilchrist & Soames bathroom amenities

My personal favorite spaces, however, are the public ones. They’re so pretty!

Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Bar Area
Isn’t this just soooo pretty?! This is the common area/ reception/ bar area. Super nice just to chill out here.
Lanson Place Hong Kong Library
And this is the library! Lots of magazines and books to choose from. Absolute tranquility in a beautiful space.
Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Garden Courtyard
This “indoor garden” is actually the main reception of the lobby, and functions as a waiting area. However, check-in is on the floor above to allow guests more privacy.
Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong- Gym
If you look up the ceiling of the gym, you will notice cloud patterns. Senior Sales Manager Agnes Cheng explained that it was as if the gym was a “continuation” of Victoria Park– which it looks out to!

Location wise, the belle epoque building is on Leighton Road, one of the main thoroughfares of Causeway Bay, and has Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Gucci and Joyce as some of its neighbors.  It’s about a very short 5 to 8-minute walk from the MTR (EXit F– that exit fronting Forever 21).

Cartier- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong
Gucci- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong
Ralph Lauren- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong
Ralph Lauren and many more, all a stone throw away from the hotel

Most recently, some of our fellow Pinoy celebrities Georgina Wilson (now host of Asia’s Next Top Model!), Isabelle Daza, Raymond Gutierrez and Borgy Manotoc stayed at Lanson Place, too, during their last trip to Hong Kong.

Taken from George’s and Mond’s Instagram accounts:

Borgy Manotoc, Raymond Gutierrez, Jessica Wilson, Moritz Gastl, Georgina Wilson, Dong Ronquillo- Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong


Raymond Gutierrez- Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong


Georgina Wilson- Lanson Place- Causeway Bay- Hong Kong

They couldn’t have said it better. 😉 For best rates, book through Agoda!

Lanson Place

133 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 3477 6888


  1. What a great place to stay in! An awesome thing about the loaner phone is that it comes with a “wipe out” app to delete all your personal data. I loved the phone so much that I can’t wait for Alcatel to return to the Philippines.

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