MANILA: What Is Goto? The Filipino Congee Cooked With Tripe!

Goto is the Filipino take on congee (rice porridge) that uses beef  tripe… yes, as in the stomach lining of cows! In the Philippines, 24-hour hole-in-the-wall eatery Goto Monster, which graphic artist Jean Hill opened in the Kamagong area of Makati in 2012, does it ridiculously well– flavoring it with tinapa (smoked fish), salted eggs, onion leeks and toasted garlic–mmm– and priced at under PHP100 (that’s less than US$2)!!!

I first visited Goto Monster while I was shooting for “Taste Travels” on Fox Life. Fox International Channels Philippines has given me permission to upload the episodes on my blog, so sharing with you the Goto Monster one, which was one of my favorites from the season. Hope you enjoy it! xx