New Restaurant Alert: Fu Yuan– Chinese Cuisine in Legaspi Village, Makati

Can you tell just by looking at this dish of fish fillets swimming in chili oil (PHP680) that spice is the name of the game at Fu Yuan in Legaspi Village? This was one of my faves.

Legaspi Village, at the heart of Makati, is not the first place you would think of if you wanted Chinese food. In fact, it’s probably the last. (“Legit” Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila usually populate around Greenhills, Quezon City, Manila proper, and the backstreets of Makati.) But just four months ago (last October 2016), Fu Yuan on Gamboa Street (fronting Washigton Sycip Park) opened its doors, serving predominantly Hunan and Sichuan dishes. (Btw, Fu Yuan also translates to “lucky.”)

Fu Yuan, which means lucky, is a new Chinese restaurant on Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village, Makati (fronting Washington Sycip Park)
This what the outside of Fu Yuan looks like. It’s on Gamboa street, next to Archives d’ Homme et Femme, and fronting Washington Sycip Park. It’s rare to find a Chinese restaurant in Legaspi Village!

When I first heard about it (it was our annual Sunday Tiu family lunch and it was my uncle John and aunt Kat’s turn, and this was their restaurant of choice), I expected it to be super casual like Mao Jia in San Antonio Village or LSQ in Poblacion– complete hole-in-the-wall types where you just want to eat, and, well, go. Fu Yuan surprised me. It looks like a typical Chinese restaurant, but the chairs have padding, tables have cloths, bathroom was decently clean; basically it was relatively comfortable dining in a casual restaurant.

Fu Yuan on Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines
So with an outside signage like that, I expected Fu Yuan to be ridiculously hole-in-the-wall. Surprise, it’s a proper restaurant with table cloths and padded chairs!

And the food.. well, it was delicious overall! There was only one dish that I found underwhelming, and I’ll tell you about that shortly.

But first a little primer on Hunan and Sichuan cuisines– which are both known for their spice factors. So what’s the main difference? According to Serious Eats, Hunan cuisine “doesn’t use the tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorn, and savory dishes lack the sweetness of their Sichuan counterparts… [So] while the Sichuanese have all kinds of spicy-sweet-savory combinations, including the ‘fish-fragrant’ and ‘garlic paste’ flavors, the Hunanese tend to go for bold savory tastes, chilli-hot tastes, and sour-hot tastes.” And let me add that the most famous person who hailed from Hunan, Chairman Mao Zedong, once declared, “You can’t be a revolutionary if you don’t eat chilies.”

So back to Fu Yuan. A few things to note: 1) The owners don’t speak English but not a problem as the menu has large pictures of every dish so you can just point away. 2) They only take cash. 3) And I only recommend this place if you like SPICE. (They have a few dishes on the menu without spice and they paled in comparison.)

Here’s what we had. My family clan are serious food people. (They can be more critical than me actually!) And they enjoyed the food here! So yes, take our word for it and go!

Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- Shredded Beef with Pepper
Shredded Beef with Pepper (PHP480)
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- String Beans
Fried Green Beans (PHP280)
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- Meatballs
Stewed Pork Balls (PHP480)
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- Mushrooms
Griddle Cooked Pleurotus Eryngii.. I swear that’s how it’s written on the menu. I guess it was a literal translation from Mandarin to (scientific) English. Anyhow, they are King oyster mushrooms and delicious! (PHP580)
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- Eggplant
I couldn’t find this on the menu hence I can’t give you the price but this eggplant dish was good!
Dumplings (PHP240)… The only dishI found slightly underwhelming.. But if you don’t like spice and are looking for options…
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Makati- Mapo Tofu
Mapo Tofu (PHP240)
Fu Yuan- Chinese Restaurant- Gamboa Street- Legaspi Village- Crabs
Spicy crab.. my fave!!! It’s just the crab was really tiny. But it was really good! (PHP1680)

Fu Yuan is located at 104 Gamboa Street (fronting the Washington Sycip Park),  Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines. It is open daily from 10AM to 11PM. For reservations, phone +63 9065555388.


  1. Hi thanks so much! Am the owner of Fuyuan, and my friend shared this link to me. The dumpling is over cooked a guess, next time please just ask the waiter to change.

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