Welcome to 1824, Discovery Primea’s new whisky and cigar bar

1824 Discovery Primea Whisky and Cigar Bar, Ayala Avenue, Makati
The interiors of Discovery Primea’s new whisky bar 1824 were designed to look neutral– neither masculine nor feminine. Tom Epperson’s “Frozen Flower” photograph makes a stunning backdrop

I think that part of getting older means that “going out” no longer means “partying and clubbing.” Rather,  it’s become redefined to “drinks” and more specifically as “drinks at a place where we can TALK.” Well, call me “old” as as that’s the kind of “going out” I prefer these days.

Discovery Primea recently opened 1824, a whisky and cigar bar, located on the second floor of the five-star hotel. While there are quite a few whisky bars in the metro, I would say that 1824 is the most “adult” of them all– a place of quiet elegance where you can carry on conversations without having to compete with decibels from the rest of the crowd.

What’s with the name? Well, 1824 was the year that the first liquor license was purchased. At the time, only eight legal whisky distillers existed in Scotland, with several hundred unregulated distillers.  The Excise Act of 1823 made legal whisky distilling more accessible to smaller producers, and with that, single malt whisky was regulated and some of the large distillers we know today emerged then.

1824.. the year that started it all...
1824.. the year that started it all…

Moving back to the present-day 1824 at Primea– brought to life with a lot of dark wood, cozy sofas and Tom Epperson photographs– the bar carries over a hundred bottles of single malts and whiskies, from Scottish to Irish to Japanese to Taiwanese, as well as cognacs, bourbons and wines are available on hand.

The entrance of 1824 has a photograph-- yes that's a photograph-- of a flame by Tom Epperson
The entrance of 1824 has a photograph– yes that’s a photograph– of a flame by Tom Epperson
1824 Discovery Primea Bar
The whisky selection is displayed front and center by the long bar. On the menu, it’s divided into regions from Lowlands to Speyside to Islay. Take your pick!
Relaxed and spacious, there's lots of room for everyone :)
Relaxed and spacious, there’s lots of room for everyone :)
Books on Whisky_1824 Discovery Primea
If you come solo, there’s lots of ways to entertain yourself– without the need to fumble through your phone. Remember, offline is the new luxury ;)
Octomore Whisky_1824_Discovery Primea
I like my single malt peaty so the staff recommended the Octomore 6.1 by Bruichladdich (P1,700/ shot; P21,200/ bottle) from Port Charlotte on the Rhinsns of Islay, which the brand describes as “super heavily peated.” Very muscular with notes of vanilla, toasted rye bread and walnuts. I quite liked it alot.

Standard nibbles that come with every order are salted nuts– and white and dark chocolate nibs, designed to complement the flavors of the cigars– from local Philippine to imported Cuban selections. The bar also offers cedar spills for those who may want to light their cigars traditionally.  Some people still prefer them over a match or lighter because it impacts a slight cedar flavor to the tobacco and “cleaner” than typical matches.  There are also butane lighters, which produce efficient flames, for great cigar lighting. It’s a matter of preference, really.

Salted Peanuts and White and Dark Chocolate Nibs_1824_Discovery Primea
Salted peanuts and white and dark chocolate nibs are served with every order, meant to complement the taste of the cigars
Cigar selections range from local (Don Juan Urquijo, Mazos, Tabacalera) to imported (Cohiba, H. Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Monecristo, Partagas, Punch and Trinidad)
Cedar Spills_1824 Discovery Primea Cigar Bar
The bar also offers cedar spills for those who may want to light their cigars traditionally…
1824 Discovery Primea_Cigar_Butane Lighter
.. and for quick and fast lighting with good flames, the butane lighter is also on hand.

There’s bar chow on the list, of course, and while not adhering to a particular type of cuisine, they are gastropub fare that were created by chef Luis Chikiamko and team to complement the flavors of the whiskies and cigars on hand, and are more like snacks or pica-pica, rather than a full meal.

Creamy Fricasse of Aklan Oysters_1824_Discovery Primea
A great start.. Creamy “Fricasse” of Aklan oysters (P495 for 3 pieces) on a bed of spaghettini cooked in lemongrass sauce and topped with caviar
Grilled Black Truffle Sandwich_1824_Discovery Primea
The signature at 1824 is the Grilled Black Truffle Sandwich (P1,500).. generous slivers of black truffle and French demi-sel butter on homemade sourdough bread.. absolutely decadent.
Warm Chocolate Truffles_1824_Discovery Primea
Warm Chocolate Truffles coated in vanilla sugar (P350).. a nice sweet ending that’s kinda like a crunchy donut ball with warm molten chocolate that slides into your mouth. Make sure to save some of your whisky to sip this with! :)

Looking forward to seeing you here soon! :)

1824 at Discovery Primea is open from 4 PM to 12 MN from Mondays to Saturdays. For reservations, phone +63 2 955 8888 or +63 917 679 4567, email dp.rsvn@discovery.com.ph or visit <discoveryprimea.com>


  1. Thank you for your articles. They are very interesting. And the photographs are well done. 1824 will be a good place to chat & I look forward to visiting soon.

    • Hi Tito Manny! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for the kind words :) I hear that my parents are seeing you this week, hehe!

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