While In Transit At The Hong Kong International Airport… What I Like To Eat At The Cathay Pacific’s The Bridge

Taking off: The 16-hour direct flight from New York's JFK airport to Hong Kong was super comfortable. Food was delicious, too. I mean this is some pretty nifty king crab and avocado guacamole on gazpacho jelly.. And it's just the appetizer! As you can see I had also been "wine tasting" on air with a California chardonnay (J.Lohr Estates Riverstone 2014) and a French GSM (Chateau Rombeau Pierre de La Fabregue 2011), both of which I enjoyed very much

When I flew to New York City recently (primarily to attend the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony), I decided to book with Cathay Pacific. I spent some time at the Hong Kong International Airport, as Manila is two hours away from Hong Kong, and New York City is 16 hours from Hong Kong. And then repeat on reverse on the way back.

It’s one of my favorite airports, and deciding which Cathay Pacific business class lounge to visit is fun for me. While it’s normally lottery system, depending on what’s closest to my gate, most my trips have been close to Gate 35, which is where The Bridge is located. In this lounge, both first and business class passengers share the same facilities in a larger space. (unlike in The Wing or The Pier, which separate first class guests from business class)

*Cathay also recently renovated The Pier, which is now the largest of all CX lounges and can fit up to 550 people, located by Gate 65, but unfortunately, the business class was not yet open during my last visit.

I’ve noticed that my food habits tend to repeat themselves, and as there’s been curiosity on what I eat (and drink!) when I’m there, I’ll share with you my staples at Cathay’s The Bridge lounge in Hong Kong:

1) Champagne, champagne, champagne– always. (Yes, even at breakfast.)

I love my bubbles, but I can also be a nervous flyer. Champagne at any time of the day is imperative for me before flying. If I need to knock myself out on the flight (I have difficulty sleeping on plane, plus, I’m a light sleeper), I’ll pile on the red wine.  PS The champagne at The Bridge is Thienot but it’s Moet et Chandon at The Wing.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- The Wing- Hong Kong International Airport
Moet et Chandon is the champagne served at The Wing’s business class (First class gets a trolley option of Veuve Clicquot, Deutz and Moet Rose). The lounge offers high ceiling spaces and unobstructed views of outside airport activities. This was my breakfast in Hong Kong before boarding my connecting flight to New York.
Champagne Thienot- Cathay Pacific- Business Class Lounge- The Bridge- Hong Kong International Airport
Meanwhile at The Bridge, the champagne on hand is Thienot.

2) Dimsum forever. 

This goes hand-in-hand with champers. I’ll also have this for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. Hong Kong has some of the best Cantonese food, and being to able have such quality at the lounge is a luxury. There will always be a vegetarian dumpling, and a beef dumpling; sometimes, chicken. And don’t forget the chili and XO sauces. Totally legit here. They are located at The Bridge’s Bakery and Bistro.

Vegetable Dumplings at Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- Hong Kong
Vegetable dumplings at The Bridge. This is available at both the Bakery and the Bistro, so either side of the lounge.
Beef dumplings or siomai at Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- Hong Kong
Beef dumplings at The Bridge. Also available at both the Bakery and Bistro.
Chili Oil, XO Sauce and Soy Sauce at Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- The Bridge- Hong Kong
Chili oil, XO sauce and soy sauce. I always skip the soy sauce and lather on both chili and XO. They’re so good.

3) Corn Tortillas served with Guacamole, Tomato Salsa and Sour Cream 

I love me some nachos and the ones at the lounge are so good, and served properly– tortillas made of corn, and all the correct condiments, with the salsa not being too sweet. They are located at The Bridge’s Long Bar.

Corn Chips- Nachos with Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream- Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- The Bridge- Hong Kong International Airport
Proper corn tortillas with guamacole, tomato salsa and sour cream. I can eat these endlessly.

4) Gummy Rings Candy

Gummies are happiness and we will always love them, regardless of age. They are located at The Bridge’s Long Bar next to the nachos, so great to munch on while sipping on a drink.

Gummy Rings- Cathay Pacific Bussiness Class- The Bridge- Hong Kong Airport
Gummy rings are my sweet fix and they go well with champers

5) Portuguese Egg tarts!!!

Just look how gorgeously brulee-d these Portguese egg tarts here are, and they are delicious. They are also mini egg tarts so won’t cloy you or leave you wanting to explode as the normal sized egg tarts do. They are located at The Bridge’s Bakery.

Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts at Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge- The Bridge- Hong Kong Airport
Always the last treat for me before I board my flight! So good!

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