Tacos Chingones: The 1st Mobile Taco Cart in the Philippines

Tacos Chingones- the first mobile taco cart in the Philippines- located in Makati (3)

The folks behind A’Toda Madre have something up their sleeves once again. This time, it’s Tacos Chingones, the first mobile taco cart in the Philippines!  “I’ve been eating on taco trucks since my days in Los Angeles,” shares proprietor Aljor Perreras. “But I got really inspired on my trip to Guadalajara last June 2014. I ate almost a dozen of those little tacos on those carts at least three times a week. I loved it and I figured to give that same kind of experience to Pinoys.”

Tacos Chingones- the first mobile taco cart in the Philippines- located in Makati
Tacos Chingones, the first mobile taco cart in the Philippines, is currently at the Poblacion neighborhood of Makati
Tacos Chingones- the first mobile taco cart in the Philippines- located in Makati (2)
Tip: It’s on the same street as Som’s, on a street behind Rockwell!

This experience comes by a way of a solo mobile truck– not unlike the carinderia trucks you may have seen parked around the streets frequented by the office crowd on weekdays– at Makati’s Poblacion neighborhood. It’s located on Algier St. cor. Jacob, just off Kalayaan Ave. (the same street as Som’s Noodle House) by Rockwell.

Tacos Chingones Makati
This is how they prepare the tacos… Guadalajara-style!
Tacos Chingones Makati Mobile Food Cart
And the gringa, which is like a quesadilla

Tacos are street– double four-inch Guadalajara-style– definitely  legit. They come in Al Pastor (pineapple-infused pork), Bistek (thinly sliced marinated sirloin), Carnitas (braised pork), Chorizo (pork sausage with Mexian Spices) and Lengua (ox tongue braised in birria sauce). They are currently at a very affordable price of P50/ taco and P100/ gringa! Beat that!

Tacos Chingones Makati Menu
How can you beat that price?!

“A gringa is just another word for the quesadilla,” explains Aljor. It’s tortilla filled with cheese (I asked what they used and they said Monterrey Jack and feta cheese) with an al pastor meat and then grilled. “In some places, they use mainly the al pastor for the filling.” Just like any mobile cart, you stand while you eat, elbows on the ledge of the truck. As my friend Fatima Potenciano described, “No seating. You have to move when a car passes by.”

Tacos Chingones Makati- Gringa
Gringa! It’s just like a quesadilla, here they use Monterrey Jack and feta cheeses
Tacos Chingones Makati- Gringa and Tacos
Gringa + Taco. Sorry, I was so takaw mata, a dollop of salsa verde fell onto the plate, oops!

There are three bowls set in front of you: salsa roja, salsa verde and tons of lime. I say, top them all, depending on your preference! This stuff is good– my friends and I ordered everything, and just stuffed our faces silly!

Tacos Chingones Makati- Salsa Roja and Salsa Verde
Love the salsa verde and salsa roja.. they’re covered in plastic because it was raining when we went. Put loads on your taco/ gringa!
Tacos Chingones Makati- Lime
And lots of lime, too! Your hands will smell citrusy after, warning!

What’s up with the name? “Chinga in Spanish means that F-word. However, chingon is a Mexican word that is used for many purposes. Chingon is usually used for something that is more than nice, cool, bitchin’ or great, like f…ing great,” explains Aljor. “So, Tacos Chingones is like, f….reaking great tacos!” Damn, right! 😉

King Dy Guani, Cheryl Tiu, Cecile Ang at Tacos Chingones
Thanks to my friends King Dy Guani and Cecile Ang whom I coerced to come check the place out with me one post-dinner and drinks evening! What a great snack!

Tacos Chingones is open daily (yes, even on Sundays!!!) from 6 PM to 4AM. However, don’t wait till the wee hours as I hear sometimes they sell out by midnight! Enjoy!

Tacos Chingones is currently located at Algier St. corner Jacobo St., Poblacion, Makati. Check out their Facebook page here. 



  1. I totally agree with you on the subject hence I’ll share my story on how I came upon Tacos Chingones. First I brought my foreign friends from Japan and the US to El Chupacabra to sample their Tacos and Burritos, (since I frequent that place) but all I got was just a meh reaction. Imagine my frustration of giving them a good food experience, then I recall reading about this foodtruck close to the vicinity and thought to myself if it’s worth checking out. So we did and to my surprise the place wasn’t that packe and it was situated on a quiet neighborhood (which I preferred) and we were greeted with a friendly staff who took our orders, we had the Al Pastor and Carnitas in both Tacos and Gringas. Watching our food being prepared was a treat and the foodtruck is squeaky clean, when our food arrived and had our first bite, I knew right there and then that we’ve just discovered if not the best Mexican taco joint this side of Metro Manila.

    • Thank you so much for writing! It’s amazing, isn’t’ it? I love the street tacos concept, too!

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